Here are links to some helpful resources, such as on-line art courses, podcasts by people that inspire me and provide wonderful insights and perspectives on life, human behaviour, science, and so much more!

Joy Fahey has a wonderful library of on-line courses (some are free!) on abstract art.  She also has an inspiring Artist Connection Community (of which I am a proud member!) which gives members not only access to a number of invaluable Master Classes (she adds a new Master Class each month), but also admission to a private Facebook group where you can post your work, ask for feedback and liaise with other student artists.

Joy also produces many instructional tutorials on YouTube (


Mo Gawdat is the former chief business officer for Google X,  author of the books Solve for Happy, Scary Smart, and others.

He does a weekly podcast (Slo-Mo) where he interviews fascinating experts and thought-leaders in technology, science, health, spirituality.   I find these conversations extremely enlightening and thought-provoking!