What is NeuroCreative Coaching?

What is it? What does it mean?

NeuroCreative Coaching is a term I coined to describe my approach to how I want to help people in my life coaching practice. It combines tools and understandings taken from recent academic neuroscience research into neuroplasticity and human behaviour, with exercises that will explore and uncover, or re-discover, one’s individual and unique creativity. 

Up until a few decades ago, neuroscientists believed that the brain’s structure and function was more or less fixed, unchangeable, ‘hard-wired’.  But new research has uncovered amazing insights into how malleable (‘plastic’) our brains actually are, and more significantly, how much we can (and do!)  use that property to adapt, change, and grow.  No matter how young or ‘old’ you are, your brain has this amazing capacity to learn, to ‘re-wire’ itself, to develop new thought and behaviour patterns. 

I believe that one of the most interesting, and fulfilling ways to do this, is to open yourself up to your innate creativity, to allow yourself to play and experiment, to rekindle that child-like wonder about trying something new, without fear of judgment or criticism.   By engaging in creative exercises, new neural connections are made that can lead you to see and understand yourself, others, and the world around you differently.   Once this happens, you begin to realize and accept how powerful you are, and how you can tap into your creativity to achieve the life you so desire.

What it is NOT!

It’s also important to state here what it IS NOT:
I am not a qualified psychologist, counsellor, social worker, or art therapist. If you are experiencing significant mental health issues/trauma, you should seek professional guidance and support. I can, however, work alongside you if you are undergoing some type of treatment, as long as you have consent from your therapist.

I am also not a trained art teacher/educator. This is not intended to be an art course/tutorial. There is no expectation of producing some kind of creative masterpiece (but, who knows, maybe you will!).

What is it based on?

My coaching approach is based principally on results obtained from a large number of scientific/academic studies conducted by renowned neuropsychologists all over the world.

Overlaid on top of the scientific content, I bring in a number of creative exercises which are drawn (pun intended!) from various art therapy-inspired tools and techniques. These have been shown to be very effective in helping people improve their mental health and promote personal development.